Monday, December 29, 2014


This is the moment
When lightning strikes my heart
Electricity surges
And we wonder
With our souls on highs
We live for this moment
When the heavens crash down
And pain is no more
I feel the warmth of every touch
Like an aurora 
You surround me
The longer we anticipate 
The more it pounds
Feel the base
In the pit of our being
Just knowing this feeling
Is terrifying
But at least now I know
Where my heart belongs

Ignorance of reality

I believe there comes a time when we all begin to live, not in a physical existence but in a dream. So attached to ideals that the light is dimmed in reality. Consumed by deamons even attempts of expulsion can't contain. Desires of pleasure and false hope. Imaginary love fooled by loneliness. We cant know love without knowing the existance of immortality and omnipotence. The one true creator of the sky, earth, and of actuality of existence. So we live in these lies. Longing for this falsity. Unaware of our own ignorance to reality.