Friday, November 28, 2014

Because I said so

I enjoy writing, Chinese food, social media, babies, oreos, swiss chocolate, COFFEE, marine life, rain, and Gilmore Girls. Completely Obsessed with Jesus, band boys, anything vintage or gold, and hardcore head-banging music.  I'm Fascinated by tattoos and dreadlocks but would never get either one.  I love to laugh and I'm equally easy to entertain or confuse.  I'm laid back with more patience for people than technology.  I never sleep, which makes me even more crazy and confused than necessary.  I take way too many pictures of myself and I prefer to only buy things on sale.  My older brother is my best friend, I trust him more than anyone else on earth.  My nick name is Nana, which I like a lot better than Hannah Banana or Hannah Montana. I hate being treated like a child and I hate being told to "live my life" before I get married because whats the point of that without someone by my side?  I firmly believe that I do in fact understand now that I'm older and regret being infuriated by that when I was younger.  I don't "rebel" because I have the coolest most understanding parents who raised me right from the start.  I'm not smart but I sometimes fake it.   I google the most random nonsense and clearly like talking about myself.  None of my friends live near me, so thats a bummer, but somehow I survive.  I'm more desperate for a boyfriend than necessary and I cant wait to have a family of my own.  Concerts are my happy place, did I mention my adoration of band boys?!.. Yeah.. That. I don't believe atheists or boring people actually exist.  I'm not as innocent as people presume upon meeting me, I'm also not perfect, at all, and I'm also quite annoying.  I think people are lovely and that everyone has a story and reason they are the way that they are.  It's strange but I love myself the way that I am and I wont change just to fit in.  I attend cosmetology school not because "doing hair" is my dream but because providing for myself is.  I know people love me but its still a wonderful feeling to be reminded of it.  My goal in life is to spread the love of Christ everywhere and to do so in the most extravagant, beautiful fashion possible.

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