Friday, November 28, 2014

The War Within

I'm so confused by you
You never seem to make any sense
It's only truth for a while
Then you're changed
Like the scent of the wind
Its all your girl
But is it?
I can't tell if its true
I would say yes
But you say no
I pretty much give up on you
It's never clear to you
The way I feel so deeply for you
So just be
But over there
Thats all I have left to say
If you dont like it
This pain
Next time dont lie
I thought not
Please dont take the rain when you leave
I prefer to be in it
These tears blend in and I claim unconsciousness
Hopefully it stays with you
This attitude of pride
Because its all I can remember of you
Everything I hated to love about you
Read your own words
Take a step back and see the hurt you inflict
Please stop trying to impress me
Im not blind anymore
Im so unenthused
So little truth in this wound
Dont flatter yourself 
I cant handle your pride 
I know I'm off key
I cant fix these things
Just be in your perfect denial
I'll be in Jesus love
Where I know you wont be to hurt me
You're welcome
But you're so not
Good because I do not need your help
Or do I?
Forget this
Like legit

**Circa 2010

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